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Where is the Face Recognition Thermometer?

As the overseas epidemic continues to heat up, a large number of overseas students, overseas Chinese, and corp..

Temperature Measurement Face Recognition Machine Focus On Health Code Check

Recently, the Guangdong province issued the "into an airtight service places health code" is required in the n..

Rakinda Face Recognition Infrared Temperature Measurement Machine Enters the Smart Campus

Are you still using a forehead gun to measure the temperature of teachers and students who have returned to sc..

Facial Recognition Thermometer Provides Epidemic Prevention Means for Station

With the end of the "May Day"l holiday, all parts of the country ushered in a small return peak, and the mobil..

Face Recognition Temperature Measurement Terminal for Epidemic Prevention

Recently, the Beijing epidemic has suddenly rebounded. The Chaoyang District New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prev..


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